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Do it yourself, have fun, and save!


The Snake River is one of Wyoming's most popular destinations. Our Snake River rafting trips give you the opportunity to share extraordinary river adventures with family and friends. Rent-a-Raft provides you with premium rafts to navigate some of the best whitewater in the United States. You'll discover that our outstanding service and attention to detail will make you glad you chose a premium rafting company to support your adventure on the Snake and Hoback Rivers.

raft on car in front of rent-a-raftOur Prices vs There's

With Rent-A-Raft you can save more than 50% on a river rafting adventure! The typical outfitter could charge you $750 for a rushed guided tour, but with us, you can do the same for less than $200. Heck, a Church group saved over $5,000 dollars rafting with us instead of our competitors!

Giving You Complete Autonomy

Its all about choices! On a our self guided river trip you can...

  1. Go at your own pace.
  2. Decide to raft in solitude or bring some friends!
  3. Choose your entry and exit points on both the Snake and Hoback Rivers, whether it's 100 miles down the road or right here in our backyard.
  4. Be free from typical outfitter's constricting schedules and rafting experiences.
  5. Hit the rapids you love again and again without worrying about price!

Why the Snake and Hoback

The Snake, particularly at our location, runs through some of the most majestic and awe-inspiring mountain ranges on Earth. Its twists and turns have allured visitors for years for good reason, as the Snake's natural beauty is known to rejuvenate the spirit of man. To make things even better, these world class river adventures come at a mere fraction of the price with Rent-A-Raft in comparison to other great rivers in the Grand Canyon, Idaho, and Oregon!


*Note* : Any life vest above the allotted numbers costs an additional $10. All day rentals are from 7am to 5pm. Any rentals checked out between 7-8:30am and returned before 12:30pm receive a 10% discount!

Tubes Capacity Price Included
River tube 1 person $35 jacket

Kayaks Capacity Price Included
Single Person Duck 1 person $60 paddle and jacket
Double Person Duck 2 people $100 2 paddles and 2 jackets

Rafts Capacity Price Included
13 feet 7-9 people $175 7 life jackets
16 feet 12-15 people $235 12 life jackets

Whether you'd prefer a whitewater excursion, the choice is yours and we can help you decide. With over 50 years of experience in the river running business, and private access to both the Hoback and the Snake we'd be happy to offer our best suggestions so that you can make the most out of your self-guided experience. Just give us a call!
After picking out your desired section of the river and loading up your gear, drive to the upstream or starting location of your route. Here, drop off all but one member of your party, the car straps, and one life jacket. The remaining member should then drive to the final location and drop the car off. From here, they should call Cowboy Cab (307-200-1200), an Uber, or a Lyft back to the starting location with all awaiting members.
Plan on wearing synthetic clothing that wicks aware moisture quickly. This recommendation does NOT include cotton as it tends to stay wet for long periods of time. Try to wear shoes you do not mind getting wet and stay safely secured on your feet (i.e not flip flops). We also recommend having a cozy pair of dry clothes to change in after your river rafting trip. Trust us that there are few things better than a pair of dry clothes after a long day on the river!
Rent-A-Raft is located right on the Snake River, near its confluence with the Hoback River, 13 miles south of Jackson at Hoback Junction on Highway 89

About the Owner

Rod Lewis

Picture of Rod LewisRod Lewis began his adventures in Alaska when he worked for Halibut Producers Cooperative managing their dock and trolling supplies from Alaska to Washington. These adventures eventually led to Rod's introduction to river running. He first got his feet wet by first running four different river trips for the commercial fishing division of the Alaskan Fish Department, and then decided to transition to the Snake in Wyoming. Here in 1969, he realized with his brothers that there couldn't be a more spectacular profession than running rivers under the shadows the of Tetons.

In conjunction with Lewis & Clark expeditions and with the help of his cousin, Steve Magner, Rod decided to launch Canyon Graphics, the first white water photo business in the country. Then in 1976 after wild success, Canyon Graphics attracted CBS Evening News to come out and film the racing pigeons used to deliver the rolls of freshly shot photos.

Finally, Rod decided to found Rent-A-Raft to provide self-guided rafts and inflatables at Hoback Junction. This new model gave people autonomy, placing prioritiy on personalizable trips at preferred locations and speeds. After looking back at his achievements Rod continually references Kenneth Grahame's words…

"There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats."